zondag 1 september 2013

Interessante upcycling inspiratie

Make a stool out of rolled up magazines! - This reminds me of something I did in art class once with newspapers. We had unlimited newspapers and only 3 yards of masking tape to make a chair/stool that was at least 18" off the ground and could support the weight of a person. It couldn't just be a stack of newspapers either. Mine ended up holding a 400-pound human without breaking!Paracord BraceletHow to make a Skateboard SwingMap ornaments from vacations, put the dates on the back.RUSTIC Handsaw Welcome Sign  UPCYCLED Handsaw  Wall Decor by MDyke, $29.95I remember playing with these curlers as a kid. Funny to see in this form. HYPERCLASH - Earrings Plastic Pink Big Hair Curlers Handmade Repurposed Upcycled Recycled Reclaimed Eco Friendly Fashion Etsy.The things you can do with a tennis ball

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